Our Mission:

Caring for people who care for people

Home health nurse attending to patient
Smiling nurse with glasses

Our Values:



Courage to meet the demands of reality



Encouraging the heart



Challenging the process



Enabling others to act



Overcoming challenges



Meeting the needs of our people

Our Aspirations:

Create a work place where people have the opportunity for success and safety. We believe there are a variety of definitions for success and safety. We honor and hope to partner with our people to fulfill their definitions. Yes, those definitions need to be synergistic with our ambitions as a company and we believe both can be achieved in the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

Enable our people to effectively plan, allowing individuals to balance life’s demands and needs. We believe access to quality leadership and advisors, supported by well-engineered structures and tools enable opportunity to be more broadly successful.

Provide resources to facilitate sound thinking, appropriate beliefs and attitudes, durable character, all enabling solid decision making. This implies value-based decision making that is informed, counseled, and wise. We believe success is a byproduct.

Encourage our people to practice boldness. When we create and deliver the first three aspirations our people have controlled power and are confident in their identity and aligned with what our company believes. Our people then use their voice to make our work place, our community, and our nation a better place.

Facilitate opportunities for people’s needs to be met. We long to create a culture of acceptance, belonging, accomplishment, trust, nurturing, significance (to matter), guidance, support, and freedom. We believe that when we are all vulnerable to our needs, we are stronger, safer, and successful.

Encourage people to progress and grow based on their ability, skill, and character, with a spirit of cooperation and patience.

Create a work place where people can build wealth inside themselves and generously give it away to others. We believe great things happen from the inside out.

We believe our performance success is a consequence of all the above. Yes, our investors expect outstanding performance. However, they do not control or dictate how we achieve it. We determine how success comes. We believe if we fulfill our mission and aspirations success will follow.

We believe in community and encourage all of our teammates to become a part of Mobile Medical’s community and constructively contribute. We strive to be a healthy community. We believe people who care about each other, care about their community, which helps them and the community, realize their full potential. We also acknowledge and encourage our people to be healthy members of other communities, families, friends, neighborhoods, and places of worship and belief. Communities are paths where we walk and grow.

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