Sometimes deciding to get in-home medical services or health care for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult decision. You may live far away or don’t have the time to manage a family member’s care. Home health care is a solution that can provide quality care without compromising finances, safety, comfort or independence.

Home health care has many advantages to improving the overall quality of care for someone in need. In-home medical services can provide care, comfort and support while aging, recovering from a surgery or experiencing a chronic illness. You are able to establish a lasting relationship with your caregiver making care personalized and consistent. In-home medical care is significantly more cost effective than hospitalized or facility care.

Personalized Care

Healthcare providers can regularly monitor patient conditions and address changes before they become urgent in nature, often avoiding hospitalization. A patient-focused approach helps those with medically-complex conditions, the chronically ill or disabled to recover and thrive in the comfort and safety of their own surroundings. Patients receive specialized not generalized care.

Medication Management

Another great benefit of in-home care is medication management. If a patient needs multiple medicines at different times or amounts it can be nice to have a professional handle it. This also reduces the risk for harmful drug interaction.

Help With Everyday Life

Along with medication management, home health aids can also provide help with everyday tasks. Aging adults can struggle with activities of daily living like bathing, grooming or medication reminders. As we age our mobility becomes more limited, making once easy to do tasks like cleaning, laundry and dishes more challenging. A healthcare provider can help make sure patients are living in a safe and clean environment.

One-On-One Focus and Attention

An in-home healthcare provider can be more than just a medical professional, they can be a friend. Studies show that older adults who have consistent social interaction are healthier. Home care providers are able to provide companionship for things like meals, walks, games, movies and other social activities. This type of daily social interaction fosters a close interpersonal relationship of open communication where feedback is more comfortably shared. This results in more personalized and meaningful care.

Home Health Care Clients Have Comparable or Better Health Outcomes

Research has shown that patients who have chronic illnesses such as COPD, pneumonia or diabetes have comparable or better outcomes and experience less complications when having received in-home care. In older adults, a study has shown that patients who receive in-home healthcare are admitted or readmitted to the hospital less frequently.

Consider In-Home Medical Services

In-home healthcare services allow sick or aging individuals a cost-effective opportunity to receive quality medical care without sacrificing the comfort and independence of everyday life. This type of care can also provide a period of relief for family caregivers that may be burnt out or far away. In-home health care offers a wide range of advantages from personalized care, medication management, assistance with everyday life activities and providing companionship.

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